My Lil Movie JukeBox Maker!  (revision6)

for the Popcorn Hour and other NMTs! 
NOW with Standard Definition and High Definition TV support!   Also visit


Complete Package
with latest revisions
          Change Log & updates: at bottom of page.

Table of Contents:

  1. Movie Jukebox Main Page

  2. My Movie Jukebox Features

  3. Getting Started - Installation and Setup
    Appendix 1: Setup for Best Picture

  4. Appendix 2: Adding your Movie Links.

  5. Appendix 3: Changing Filters/Genres.

  6. Appendix 4:  Media Location Variables.

  7. Appendix 5: User Account Control (Vista)

  8. Appendix 6: Setting up SMB shares
    Appendix7: Revision 6 Changes

    Appendix8: Adding Fanart

  9. Tips & FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Test Drive 'My Movie Jukebox'

NEW! I've uploaded "My Movie Jukebox" to the web so you can take it for a test drive!!
and see how the menu would look and function on your TV set at home

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The Normal way to find, select, and view
movies on your Popcorn Hour.   :(


                   ---- >

Easy to Use & FUN
when you use

My Lil Movie Jukebox!

1. Use The Movie Collector to enter all of your movies.
2. Run our Movie Jukebox Export Program to export 460 standalone
          html pages over to your Popcorn Hour with 20 Genre pages.
3. Turn on your TV ... then use your remote to GRAPHICALLY view
          and play your movies!
4. As you add more movies - updating is EASY!!!


The Popcorn & 'My Movie Jukebox' rev6 in Action!

Click on the play button below to see a video: (note: low res video. It'll be 1000 times better on your set)

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How does the Popcorn work?

     The NMTs are all very versatile, and you have many options for storing, viewing and playing your movies. Your movies can be stored on, .. the internal hard drive, .. an external USB drive, or a network share such as SMB, NFS or HTTP.  A network Share could be a NAS (I have a QNAP) using NFS, or a networked hard drive on your PC. (SMB).

     Plus you also can have the My Lil Movie Jukebox "menu system" installed on any of the devices listed above., and play movies on up to 5 locations, ie., the Movie Jukebox does NOT have to be installed on an internal hard drive of the NMT.

(Note: Having this much flexibility might make your initial journey into the world of the My Lil Movie Jukebox seem frustrating, .... but hang in there, ... follow the directions verbatim, .. and you'll be successful!)

What's my setup? My situation is that I have alot of movies in my collection (over 1000) so I need large storage for this, plus I don't want to take a chance of loosing any data, .. so I also need RAID1.... so I purchased a QNAP TS409 Pro (around $400). Then I bought 4 1tb hard Drives and installed them in the QNAP using Raid1, ... so now I have 2TB of fail proof storage for my movies, . plus the QNAP runs NFS, .. which makes it even easier to use with the NMT. I also had a extra old IDE hard drive laying around, 80GB, so I installed it in my NMT, .. to use for storing HD/BluRay movies, .. and storing the Movie Jukebox files. (note: an internal HD will stream HD movies faster than other methods)  I don't have many HD movies in my collection, so putting them on a small HD is just the ticket!!!

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The Process:

The process may seem complicated at first, .. but each step is very easy, and it's fun too!
so don't fret, ... take your time, and you'll be up an running in a few hours.
Note, ... you also can play your movies on your PC using Movie Collector which is an added bonus!

  1. Connect your NMT to your home network.

  2. Install the Movie Collector software on your PC.

  3. Learn how to use the Movie Collector. You'll need to input all of your movies into Movie Collector before you can  "Send Over" the movie cover images and html menu pages to the NMT.             (there's an example movie database for testing)

  4. Copy your movies onto a hard drive in your system, (I use DvdFab, then compress the movie to avi format with AutoGK.)

  5. Install the My Lil Movie Jukebox Maker program.

  6. Install a hard drive into your NMT. & copy over your movie files to the "video" folder on the NMT.

  7. Run the My Lil Movie Jukebox Maker program.

  8. Enjoy displaying, viewing and playing your movies on you NMT.

  9. As you acquire more movies, you'll have to add them into the Movie Collector then do step 7. again.

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     Displaying, Viewing, and playing your movies has never been easier, ...  check out the photos below to see how easy it is!  With revision5, you no longer have to edit any complicated template files.

     The Movie Jukebox supports all movie file formats supported by the Popcorn Hour. My Lil Movie Jukebox will also work with Popcorn Hour, HDX, eGreat and Istar. and maybe others!

You DO NOT have to have your PC running to view and play
your movies on the PCH using My Movie Jukebox!
The only time you need your PC is to enter your movies into Movie Collector, and
then export the html menu files over to the PCH.

Below are some screen shots showing how the Movie Jukebox (rev5)
looks when viewed with Internet Explorer on your PC...

The Main Menu Screen


The Main Menu screen -  All menus now have titles shown in Color.

Red is the default color for indicating that this menu is sorted alphabetically.

The Color Buttons on the Remote Control are now used to determine "how" you want your  movies displayed:


RED BUTTON Sorted Alphabetically (default)
GREEN BUTTON Sorted by Year  (oldest title first)
YELLOW BUTTON Sorted by year (newest title first)
BLUE BUTTON Return to COVER PAGE. (index.htm)


Above: View of main menu screen after pressing the GREEN Button on the Remote. When pages are sorted by year, the release year of the movie is always displayed below the title. Also notice that the title has changed color as well.


Above: View of main menu screen after pressing the YELLOW Button on the Remote. When pages are sorted by year, the release year of the movie is always displayed below the title.

AUTOMATIC selection of Genres: this revision will automatically SCAN your movie database to determine which genres are present. If a genre is present, the appropriate menu links will be generated and displayed. Genres NOT present will not be displayed or exported.

The Genres that are automatic for this revision are: Action, Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror, Musical, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, War, Western, Oscar List, Blu-Ray, Clint Eastwood, & James Bond.

For advanced users, ... one can change/add/delete any genres and make up your own. 20 different genres/filters are supported.

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Although all of my hobby software is free, the time and effort that has gone into this endeavor has been fairly heavy. I estimate more than a thousand hours have gone into development, answering emails, webpage maintenance and finding servers willing to host it all!

So, I am now asking for donations from anyone who is willing to help. I am not going to ask for a specific amount as I appreciate that people have differing financial resources, just whatever you feel that you value the software. If you do Donate I guarantee to personally answer via email any questions that you have.

I want to be clear - the software is FREE and if you feel you should not (or cannot) donate or have any reason why you would rather not donate - that's perfectly fine. However, a $? general donation will go a long way to helping keep my software available for as long as possible. So go ahead and download my software - use it all you like. If you feel you got $? worth of use out of any of it and wish to contribute please press the Donate button.

Comments? by all means email me at . Should you have questions about setting up your Popcorn Hour, please visit the USER APPS section of and ask your questions there. I do this part-time, ... so I'm not able to answer tech questions via email, but I will respond and answer any/all questions about the Movie Jukebox on the NMT forums. If you DONATE, ...then I'm more than happy to answer questions via email, and I'll provide my phone number for tech support a well.


"I hope this program will give you and your family
many, many hours of viewing enjoyment!"

Allen Shope


Change Log:

010209: Fixed bug with QUICK EXPORT, and also fixed bug with detail files not showing video format, plus expanded video format. 2 files: Export_123108.exe and Detail.xsl

010409: Added another option to help speed up the export process. When you run the Export, you'll see a USE TEMP?
combo box, and a TEMPORARY DRIVE LOCATION box.  Say YES to Use Temp, ... then browse to a folder on your PC.
Use EXPORT DRIVE LOCATION for the "final" destination on your PCH.  The export will output to the temp location first,
which will be much faster because it's a hard drive on your PC, ... then the program will XCOPY (changed files)
over to the PCH. Also fixed a bug with SD mode.

ADDING FANART??:  go here ....

Make a $25 Donation and I'll send you the download link for all of my background
Fanart images!!!!! 
(48Mbytes - 750 images, see the testdrive to check them out.)

021309: Added a Favorite Directors and Actors export Tab.

To see this in action, go see

You can export 40 favorite Directors and 160 Favorite Actors to the main menu.

To help get you started , here are the Director and Actor "covers" that I've already made:

And if you have PhotoShop, here's a base' PSD file so you can make your own:

To add your own Directors and Actors, .... make new genres called Actors, and Directors.
Change the 100 ALL Movie Filter to this:
Genre NOT EQUALS Boxset
Genre NOT EQUALS Directors
Genre NOT EQUALS Actors

Then, star adding a director or actor, ... let's add David Cronenberg, ... Click on Add Movie Manually in Movie Collector, ... for the name type in "Cronenberg", ... Click DIRECTOR in the genre area, .. then under the Cover section,  add the jpg for D Cronenberg.  Under the personal tab, in User Text 1, type in Cronenberg.

If this is the first Director you're doing, when you do the export, under the Director tab, ... in field 400, for  html, type in "Cronenberg" and for the title, type in David Cronenberg Collection.

Repeat for all the Directors you want, ditto for your favorite Actors.

Also when you do the Export, .. you'll see "UPDATE ONLY?" boxes under Filters, Actors, TV Series, Boxsets, Directors, and Stars. For your first export, set these to NO, .. then, when you're adding only a movie or two, ... set these to YES (for a faster Export). The program will then ONLY export those genres whose "number of movies" have changed since the last export!

02/26/09 - Update for IMDB Search for importing from DVD Empire (ie they changed the format)
only 2 files, so I just added them to the current update zip.
you must re-run the Setup program to update the imdb/dvdempire scripts.

Or, ... just download the following and extract to:
WinXp:  Documents and Settings\UserName\Local Settings\Application Data\\Movie Collector\Scripts
Vista:  Desktop\UserName\AppData\Local\\Movie Collector\Scripts

04/19/09 - minor update to initial setting. Set Run thumbnail cleanup and Imagemagick to NO initially.

07/17/09 - Bug fixes ...  to main index file, and main export program ...
the main export program is now .... Movie_Jukebox_EXPORT_071709.exe 










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